Central Emerson Community

June 19th 2020

Central Emerson Yearbook

Report Cards are being mailed out by June 23rd to families!
Please make sure to check your report cards for a treat from the Central Emerson PTA!!
There is one free cup fill up from Top It Yogurt Shop for each student!
The PTA wanted to do something for students as we had a rough 1/2 of the school year with no school, Zoom calls and distant learning along with tons of activities and events cancelled!
Enjoy a cup on us.
Just a quick note the cards expire on 9/8/20.. so enjoy that summer treat.
Happy Last Day of School Central and Emerson kids!!

Bringing Snohomish Community Together

Central's Art Day that happened this past spring and it was a big success! 

We partnered with the Snohomish Senior Center again this year to donate our beautiful creations to our friends at the Center.  The second grade class presented the pieces that the whole school helped create...followed by ice cream for all!!!

Here are the pieces that the Central Students created 

Hand Painted Paper Butterflies & Framed

Hand Painted Rocked placed in Stepping Stones

                            Hand Drawn Self Portraits & Framed                                                                                 


Central - Emerson PTA Mission Statement 

Keeping ALL children at the center of what we do.