About Us

The Central-Emerson Community (C.E.C.) is made up of students, parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, siblings, friends and neighbors all with a common goal of providing the best education experience to our children as we possibly can. We believe that by working together and keeping all children at the center of what we do, we build stronger, happier kids whose experience in school is a positive one.

The Central-Emerson Community is open to everyone. No dues are required to be a member - but we ask for a bit of our members' time. The Central-Emerson PTA will act as the leadership body of the C.E.C. ensuring that all financial and leadership matters are handled within the guidelines of the Washington State PTA.


The CEC-PTA Nominating Committee 

is looking for individuals who would like to serve in the following positions for the

2016-2017 school year

 positions to be appointed

Communications Coordinator

Family Fun Coordinator

Membership Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Hospitality Coordinator

For more information or to indicate interest, please feel free to contact Jason at jason@centralemerson.org, Cheney at cheney@centralemerson.org, or Zava at ms.zava@gmail.com.


Your 2015-2016 C.E.C. - PTA Officers and Committee Chairs:
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 Courtney Cole


Kimberly VanDamme


Vice President

Cheney McGowan


Zava LeRoux


Kelly O'Donaughy


Fundraising Co-Coordinator

Communications Coordinator
Jason Pack


Family Events Coordinator  
Cheney McGowan


Hospitality Coordinator - Central

Lindsey Petrick


Hospitality Coordinators - Emerson

Danielle Thompson


Ashley Elzea


Both the C.E.C. business meetings and general meetings are open to all members of the C.E.C.  (See the welcome page for the events calendar.) We encourage you to come and participate.  The first 30 minutes of each meeting will be open to topics of interest and the "principal's talk time" - a time to hear directly from each principal of what is happening in and around their schools.  Most business issues will be handled at the end of each meeting.  Some meetings may be held in conjunction with other major events to facilitate greater membership participation (dates to be announced). If you would like to submit an item for inclusion on the agenda at either the PTA business or general meetings, please contact Courtney Cole.
Meeting minutes will be posted within a month of the meeting.

We publish a monthly Newsletter to keep the community informed about upcoming events and other items of interest.

The Standing Rules for our PTA Unit are reviewed and presented to members for adoption at the first general membership meeting of each school year, and are posted here on this site. Suggested amendments should be submitted to the Executive Committee prior to the start of the school year.