Central-Emerson PTA 7.6.01 Standing Rules


Approved 9/17/2015


1.  The name of this local PTA shall be Central - Emerson PTA 7.6.01.  

    This local PTA was chartered on August 1990.  This PTA serves the children in the Central and

Emerson school communities which include the residences and businesses in the Central and

Emerson school enrollment area.

2.  Corporate Status

    This PTA was incorporated on September 24, 1990. The treasurer is responsible for filling the

Annual Corporation Report.  The registered agent for this corporation is the Washington State


3.  Compliance With The Charitable Solicitations Act

    This PTA is registered under the Charitable Solicitations Act, registration number 737.  

The treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration (must be filed by November 15th to

avoid penalties).

4.  Tax-Exempt Status

    This PTA was granted tax-exempt status under section 501(C) (3) on August 28th, 1991.

5.  Filing IRS Form 990 or 990 EZ

    The current treasurer, with assistance from the outgoing treasurer, is responsible for filing IRS

Form 990 or Form 990EZ prior to November 15th if required.

6.  Membership Fees

    The membership service fees for this PTA may be $10.00 per person.  If this local PTA has fewer

than 25 members, a waiver must be submitted to WSPTA Executive Committee by February 1.

7.  Elected Officers

    The elected officers of this PTA may be: Co-Presidents, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  

These elected officers shall constitute the Executive Committee. Any one office may be held for

only two consecutive years.

8.  Co-Positions/Voting

    Two (2) people may hold any elected or appointed position jointly.  Each co-position is entitled to

1 vote at a board of director’s meeting, with the co-position holders rotating voting privileges

(every other meeting). The president may not vote (unless there is a tie) and the president may not

make a motion to approve a vote.

9.  Composition of the Board of Directors/Meetings

    All members of the board of directors must be members of the PTA.  The Board of Directors is

made up of the Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chairs.  The standing committees

of this PTA will consist of the following committees:

1. Membership Coordinator

2. General Fundraising Coordinator

3. Family Event Coordinator

4. Newsletter/Communications Coordinator

    This PTA’s board of directors will meet monthly, in a public place, on a date and time to be

decided by the board.

    A quorum consisting of one half plus one of the Board must be present in order to conduct a

Board meeting.  All members of the executive board count towards the quorum.

Ad Hoc Committees will bring reports to the board when needed.  Ad Hoc committees are not

included in the quorum.

    Ad Hoc Committees may be but are not limited to the following: Arts & Crafts Assistants, Bingo

Night Coordinators, Family Event Coordinators, Fundraising Coordinators, ELL (English

Language Learners) Outreach Committee, Hospitality Coordinator – Central, Hospitality

Coordinator – Emerson, WatchDOG-Central, WatchDOG-Emerson, Website/Facebook

Coordinator, Budget Committee and Audit Committee.

    An office/chairmanship shall be declared vacant if that person misses three consecutive meetings-

-unless excused by the president.

    Five days’ notice is required for calling a special board meeting.  The board shall receive notice

in a manner prescribed by the local PTA (email and paper flyers are acceptable).

10.  General Membership Meetings

    Adoption of the budget, adoption of standing rules, election of the nominating committee, and

election of officers shall take place at general membership meeting.  Meetings shall be held at the

direction of the board of directors.

    A quorum of ten or ten percent of the General Membership must be present in order to conduct a

General Meeting.

11.  Budget Approval

    This PTA shall approve its annual budget in the fall (prior to September 30th of each year).  The

board is allowed to reallocate funds within the budget up to $250.00 per request, without taking

the budget back to the general membership for approval. The exception of this being an

assessment of a penalty (ie. IRS) in which, if not payed, would increase that penalty. The

payment of such a penalty would need to be approved by (2) executive board members who are

not signers on PTA accounts.  

12.  Legal Documents

    The PTA shall maintain a safe place to keep any original copies of legal documents.  Copies are

to be made for the president and secretary and kept in a legal documents notebook.  Only elected

officials shall have access to the original copies of the legal documents.

13.  Audits

    An annual audit will be conducted at the close of the fiscal year.  In addition, a semi-annual audit

may be conducted in January, at the board’s discretion.

14.  Bank Signature Cards

    All elected officials may be signers on the account. The Treasurer is primarily responsible for the

checkbook.  All checks must be signed by two official signers.

15.  PTA Finances

    All reimbursement requests shall include a receipt and shall be submitted to the treasurer within

60 days of purchase. All requests for reimbursement and requisition forms must be received by

May 31st.

    Should the PTA receive an NSF check, a $10 service fee will be charged in addition to any bank

penalties the PTA may accrue. If the NSF check or checks are not paid for by June 1st, then the

PTA will not accept any checks from this individual in the future.

    Before all events, Committee Chairs and Treasurer shall meet to determine what is needed for

cash box, who will count and tally monies using the assigned duplicate form determined by

Treasurer, ensuring each signer would have a copy.  All deposits are to be made in a timely

manner preferably within 24 hours of event.

16.  PTA Grants

    The Central Emerson PTA will Grant budgeted monies for the line items of Level 2 Priorities to

Central & Emerson schools by January 30, and that the Principals will report back to the PTA on

the funds’ usage by the May Board meeting.

17.  Students are Honorary Members of the PTA

    The students of Central and Emerson Elementary Schools shall be considered honorary members

of the PTA without voice, vote, or the privilege of holding office.  As members of the PTA,

students may sell raffle tickets for the purpose of raising money for the PTA.

18.  Golden Acorn Recognition

    One or more Golden Acorn Awards may be presented annually to an outstanding volunteer(s). A

committee appointed by the President shall select the recipient. The board of directors shall

determine the number of recipients.

19.  Outstanding Educator Award

    One or more Outstanding Educator Awards may be presented annually to an outstanding teacher

or educator. A committee appointed by the President shall select the recipient. The board of

directors shall determine the number of recipients.

20.  Honorary Life Membership Award

    An Honorary Life Membership Award may be presented annually to an individual who has made

a significant contribution to the growth and development of PTA. A committee appointed by the

President shall select the recipient.

21. Volunteers of Events

    All volunteers are required by law to fill out a state patrol background check and submit it to the

school secretary 7 days prior to the event or being in the building.

22.  Elections

    Local PTA elections must be completed by the end of the fiscal year (June 30).  To be elected as

an officer of a local PTA a person must have been a member of a local PTA for at least 15 days

prior to the election.

23. Voting by mail and email

    This PTA shall allow voting by email, online voting tool and/or by mail for an officer or

nominating committee positions and only if the name of each candidate is contained in the notice

of meeting or set forth in a record accompanying the notice. Any vote cast by electronic

transmission must indicate the name of the member submitting the vote, be sent by email from

the email address on file with our local unit, and be received at the email address set forth in the

notice of meeting. Votes cast by mail or by electronic transmission must be received no later than

the date set forth in the notice of the meeting. All members voting by mail or electronic

transmission are deemed present for all purposes of quorum, count of votes, and percentages of

total voting power present, or only for the purposes of the election(s) conducted at the meeting.

24.  Vote for Region Director

    The vote of this PTA for the position of Washington State PTA Region Director shall be

determined by the board of directors.

25.  Voting Delegates to the State PTA Convention

    The voting delegates to the annual WSPTA convention shall be determined in the following

order: Incoming President, Ongoing President, Incoming Vice President, Incoming Secretary,

Incoming Treasurer, Ongoing Vice President, Ongoing Secretary, Ongoing Treasurer. The board

of directors shall determine the number of delegates to be funded by the PTA.

26.  Voting Delegates to the State PTA Legislative Assembly

    The voting delegate(s) to the WSPTA Legislative Assembly shall be determined in the following

order: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. Local PTAs are entitled to four voting

delegates for up to 200 members and one or more for each additional 100 members.

27.  PTA Event Sponsorship

The Central-Emerson PTA will sponsor only PTA related events.  Any other school related

events seeking PTA sponsorship (including use of PTA equipment or materials), volunteers

and/or advertising must present the request at a business meeting, including all information

related to the event for the board and membership’s approval.
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