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Look What We Can Do!

The Central Emerson PTA purchased water colors for the art docent closet at Emerson Elementary school. We now have over 45 complete water color sets and plenty of refills for the year.  We have also recently bought water color brushes (in cabinet), liquid water colors and water color paper.   

While the PTA's art docent supplies are housed at Emesron, Central Primary teachers and art docents are welcome to use the supplies there.  In addition to paints, we have art prints for classroom discussion, drawing paper, charcoal pencils, Mod Podge,, adhesives, and other supplies.

We have a few rules/requests about our supplies. 

1.  Check out the supplies on the corkboard in the docent closet.
2.  Return the supplies as soon as possible after you use them, in the same condition they came to you.
3.  Contact if you notice we are running low on an item.
4.  Please send us a picture of your project so we may share your success on our website.