Central-Emerson PTA

 Events 2019-2020


  • 29th: Ice Cream Social, @ Central 4-5pm, @ Emerson 5-6pm 


  • 16th: PTA Board Meeting( @ Emerson Library 6:30PM)

  • 26th: PTA Member Meeting (Central Library @ 5pm)

  • 26th: Central’s Open House 6-7PM 


  • 3rd: BelieveKids Fundraiser Officially Starts- Check Thursday Folder!

  • 4th: PTA Inspired ‘Dudes & Donuts Event (Watchdog Awareness ) w/ Raffle off Seahawks Hat. @ both Central & Emerson

 (time TBD: before school &/or possibly after)

  • 7th: Emerson Campus Open House Family Night 6-8PM

  • 17th: PTA Board Meeting @ Emerson Library 6:30PM

  • 18th: BelieveKids Fundraiser Officially Over 

  • Conference Week 21-25

  • PTA Conference Dinner Night (22nd & 23rd)

  • 31st: Family Night Out! Enjoy Cathouse Pizza & % of Proceeds goes to our School!


  • 4th: PTA Board Meeting @ Central Library 6:30PM

  • Stadium Flowers Fundraiser ( sell before thanksgiving & deliver after)


  •  No Meetings- Enjoy your Families :) 


  • 6th: PTA Board Meeting @ Central Library @ 6:30PM

  • 16th: Member Meeting @ Emerson Library & @ 6:30PM (Guest Speaker possibly)

  • 20th: Art to Remember: Starter Kit Arrives & Pass-Out


  • 3rd: PTA Board  Meeting @ Central Library 6:30PM

  • 11th: PTA Family Spaghetti Night w/ Raffle & 50/50 (5:30PM & location TBD)

  • 14th-17th: Mid-Winter Break

  • 28th: Art to Remember: collect artwork back to ATR.


  • 4th: Spring into Kindergarten @ Central ( PTA partners w/ staff to pass out info at booth exact time TBD)

  • 9th: PTA Board Meeting @ Emerson Library 6:30PM

  • 13th: PTA Father’s-Daughter Dance (6:30PM & location TBD) Theme: “Lucky to have each other w/ sparkly gold & green.

  • 19th&26th: Art to Remember: Personalized Order Formed sent home via Thurs. Folders

  • 26th: 2nd Grade Concert @ Central (time TBD)


  • 1st-3rd: Art to Remember: Payment deadline 

  • 13th: PTA Board Meeting @ Central Library 6:30PM

  • 24th: PTA Moms & Son Event ( possibly @ Arena Sports in Mill Creek 6-8PM.

  • 28th: PTA Member Meeting (voting new board) @ Central Library 6:30PM

  • 30th: 1st Grade Concert @ Central (time TBD)


  • 4th: PTA Board Meeting (last of the school year) @ Emerson Library 6:30PM

  • 5th: Art to Remember: Completed Order Arrives at school-need help passing out(!)

  • 8th: PTA Moms & Muffins @ Central & Emerson (time TBD: before school &/or possibly after)

  • 28th: Kindergarten Concert


  •  Possible Fundraiser: Fun Run (date & time TBD)

*** Please Note: All Times and Dates are subject to change ***







Bringing Snohomish Community Together

Central's Art Day that happened this past spring and it was a big success! 

We partnered with the Snohomish Senior Center again this year to donate our beautiful creations to our friends at the Center.  The second grade class presented the pieces that the whole school helped create...followed by ice cream for all!!!

Here are the pieces that the Central Students created 

Hand Painted Butterflies & Framed

Hand painted rocks & set in stepping stones

Hand Drawn Self Portraits  



Central - Emerson PTA Mission Statement 

Keeping ALL children at the center of what we do.