Every year, hundreds of Central-Emerson Community members generously donate their time and talents to our organization and the school.

There are so many opportunities to help out and get involved!
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So many events & activities happen throughout the school year. All need 
people to plan, coordinate and staff them.

Upcoming events needing volunteers:

Staff Conference Dinners
We need help providing meals for our teachers and staff during those late nights!

There are many ways in which you can lend a hand to help our schools.

     *Volunteer to help in a classroom or in the library

     *Volunteer to help at one of the family learning nights

     *Volunteer to help with Central's Tiger Fitness Thursdays

     *Volunteer to help with Emerson's fluency reading program

     *Volunteer to share your creativity with a class through the Creative Arts          program

     *Volunteer for Watch D.O.G.S.

     *Run for an officer position or volunteer as a committee chair

     *Volunteer to share 2 hours of your time through the C.E.C.'s 

      2 Hours of Power Pledge

Contact our Community Coordinator, a committee chairperson or any one of the PTA officers or school principals to get connected, or contact one of our officers for more details on how you can help.