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Job Descriptions

PTA Officers and Central Emerson Community Positions

Executive Board

President (Co)

Vice President (Co)



Standing Chairs

1.       Fund Raiser Chair– would oversee all fundraising efforts including Grants, Business Solicitations, Fall fundraising and Spring fundraising events, E-script promotion, Box/Tops etc.

2.       Community Chair- duties same as membership coordinator but promotes inclusion of all families even if not members at State level (ex. Paying members)

3.       Family Event Chair- Would match the needs of the committee chairs to the talents of our volunteers.

4.       Communication Chair – Would help with the new communication protocol to ensure information gets to the CE families via: Newsletter, Face Book, Reader Boards, Sandwich Boards and Flyers.  Would not necessarily have to be the Newsletter editor.


Executive Board and Standing Chairs are voting members and count towards Quorum

Quorum = 5 members present

AD HOC Committees – Responsible for reporting to board at business meetings

Bingo Night Coordinator:  Same as now

Box Tops/ Campbell Soup Labels Coordinator:  Promotes collection of Box Tops and Campbell Soup labels.  Send off at appropriate times

Business Solicitations: matches business contributions to line items/ events.  Ensures business sponsorship is recognized.

Central & Emerson’s Family Event Night Coordinator: in past has been Children’s Day Coordinator but could change to be whatever we wish for the year.

Creative Arts Leader: Lines up volunteers for each class who would take on 1 arts and crafts project/month.  Ensure adequate supplies available.  Make program available.

ELL (English Language Learners Committee): help translate PTA communication into Spanish. 

E-script Promoter:  Promotes E-Script sign-up.  Arranges collection of receipts at designated times (ex. 10% off Safeway promotion)

Face Book Coordinator: Would keep face book up to date, would check frequently to ensure no inappropriate material is linked to site.

Fall- Fundraiser Coordinator: Coordinates the fall fundraising event or catalog sales.

Family Night Event coordinator: Organizes family events for games such as Mariner or Comcast events.

Grant coordinator: heads up grant writing options, searches for available grants, coordinates application.

Hospitality Coordinators: 1 for each school.  Organizes monthly (treats) for teachers, coordinates fall and spring conference dinners and teacher appreciation / supportive staff appreciation weeks.

Ice Cream Social Coordinator & Meet and Greet Coordinator: help plan the initial school events

Movie Night Coordinator(s): same as present: could be same or different for each event.

Newsletter Editor: Would take information provided by Central and Emerson and PTA members, develop calendar for the Newsletter, would make copies and get them to each school. 

PLUSS Coordinator: Attends PLUSS meetings, brings legislative issues and school issues to board meetings.  Communicates issues with our CE families (could be done via Newsletter)

Sales: Coordinates fund raising ideas such as T-Shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, coffee etc.

6th grade social Coordinator: Coordinates fundraising throughout the year.  Plan and execute the event.

Spring Fundraiser Coordinator: Coordinates the spring fundraising event (ex. Fund Run or catalog sales)

Talent Show Coordinator: Arranges try-outs, selection of students, attend rehearsals and organize the equipment for the Talent show. 

Watch Dogs: TOP DOG for each school - coordinates watch dog volunteers and events


Audit, Budget, Nominating and Standing Rule Committees would be elected at General meeting as before.


We have added extra ad hoc positions this year and we encourage you to be more involved.  Experience isn’t necessary as coordinator booklets and/or help is available. 

Together let’s make this year amazing for our children!

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